Picking wild PEI blueberries

Buy Local

Buying local goods and services keeps money in our community, supports local farmers and reduces environmental impact of transportation and excess packaging of importing goods from great distances.

In summer and fall, it is relatively easy to find local produce; winter and early spring can definitely require more planning and commitment. The key is to read the product label to see where a food product was packaged or manufactured. Choose grown or made in PEI first, then Atlantic Canada, then Canada. If there are no local choices, you may want to consider an alternative – for example, do you really need to buy oranges in winter when, in fact, one cup of local frozen strawberries contains more vitamin C.

Did you know? One medium orange has 70 mg of vitamin C and one cup of PEI strawberries has 84.7 mg."

Local fresh seasonal food is always healthier and better for you than processed or food that has travelled from another part of the world.

In PEI, seasons play a significant role in what we eat it. Although it’s March, you may be surprised by the variety of local food and value-added products that are available on store shelves, at farmers markets and from winter CSAs.

Prince Edward Island is Canada’s Food Island – let’s embrace that year-round and buy local."

The Island Food Map

A map of local food producers, CSA farmers, farmers' markets and community gardens by the PEI Food Exchange

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