Vehicle driving on Route #1 in Desable, PEI

Green Your Drive

Where and when walking and biking is not possible, consider ways you could green your drive - that is drive smarter - to reduce your fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Here are some options to consider...

Don’t idle

Idling gets you nowhere. If you stop for more than 60 seconds, turn off your engine (except in traffic, of course). Unnecessary idling wastes money and fuel, and produces GHG emissions that contribute to climate change.

Check your tire pressure

Be sure to get a pressure gauge to measure your tire pressure every month. A tire can be underinflated by 20% without it being visible.

Correct tire pressure = safer driving + fuel savings + longer tire life

Drive the speed limit

Observe the speed limit on highways and use cruise control to prevent speeding. Driving over 90 km/h considerably increases fuel consumption. By maintaining a constant, moderate speed, you reduce GHGs and save a significant amount on fuel.

Take care of your vehicle

A properly serviced vehicle can offer significant fuel savings. Consult your owner's manual to learn about the proper care and maintenance of your vehicle. Follow the service recommendations - change the air filter, spark plugs, engine oil and other fluids accordingly for top performance and fuel efficiency.

Car pool

Car pooling is a simple way for individuals to take action on climate change challenge while saving money, reducing GHGs, increasing parking availability, and building good relationships. Find a list of car pool connections at the bottom of this page.

Consider an electric or fuel-efficient vehicle

If you need to buy a vehicle, think electric or more fuel efficient. Electric vehicles require less fuel to run (savings of $1,500-$2,000 per year) and reduce GHGs and other forms of air pollution.

A gas powered vehicle produces about FOUR tonnes of CO2 a year; an electric vehicle produces about ONE tonne of CO2 a year.

The Fuel Consumption Guide will help you to compare the fuel efficiency of new passenger vehicles sold in the country. Once you know the type of vehicle you want to purchase, this guide is a useful too to select the most fuel-efficient model available.

Car Pool Connections