T3 transit bus on Charlottetown street

Take the Bus

If you live in Charlottetown, Stratford or Cornwall, a $2 bus ride can be cheaper than driving, especially if you have to pay to park. Provincial government recently reduced transit fares making it even cheaper for daily commuters.

Five great reasons to use transit

  1. Free wi-fi.
  2. No snow to clear off in winter.
  3. Inexpensive bus fare (free for children, under 6, with an adult).
  4. On the bus, you can be productive or relax - your choice!
  5. Helpful, friendly drivers.

Already taking the bus (sometimes)? Challenge yourself to take it more often.

T3 Transit operates routes in Charlottetown, Cornwall, Stratford and Summerside as well as a commuter express from Charlottetown to Summerside and back.

Find a T3 bus schedule that suits you

Cycling along Victoria Park, Charlottetown, PEI

Bike or Walk

For short distances, biking can be faster than walking, or even driving. Bikes are cheap to buy and to use, easy to park, and also keep you in shape!

When it comes right down to it, do you really need to drive everywhere? Where could you walk or bike during your day-to-day routine without much disruption. Start by doing it once or twice a week. Use pedal power to go to the store, the playing field or a friend’s house. You’ll begin to see the benefits in no time: you'll feel better and you'll see and discover things that used to whiz right by!

Check out the PEI Active Living Map

As a cyclist, stay safe on the road by riding with the traffic, wearing reflective clothing and putting lights on your bike to be visible." - Jenny Melanson, bicycle commuter from Cornwall to Charlottetown

Live in the Country?

When in town to do errands, park in a central location and walk from place to place.

Encourage children to walk or bike to school

When children walk or bike to school, they concentrate much better.

* Source: Open Data- Prince Edward Island